5 Cute, Eco-Friendly Products To Incorporate In Your Life


We know you want to live your best eco-conscious life.

It’s a new year so why not consider making a change that will impact the environment in a good way? 

My name is Gabrielle Robinson, founder of BeKind Detroit. At BeKind Detroit, we know you want to live your best eco-conscious life. And in order to do that, you need eco-friendly essentials that empower your journey of helping the planet. The problem is you want to “buy better” but you don’t necessarily know how because of the overflowing amounts of information telling you the “best” things to do. So, it makes sense if you feel overwhelmed and maybe even a bit confused.

We’re here to help you!

You need eco-friendly essentials that empower your journey of helping the planet.

I put together this list of five cute, eco-friendly products to incorporate into your daily life. You’ll be saving the planet and keeping it cute!

1. Reusable Bags

Ok let’s be honest—who wants to bring their reusable bags to the store but keeps leaving them in the house?  We’re all guilty one time or another, but let’s make it a goal to use less plastic this year. Deal?

“Plastic bags are one of the top ten most common objects found in oceans and on beaches. An estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year, and they’re ending up in oceans, soils, animals, and rivers.” 

Link to bag: shorturl.at/ktwPT

2.  Glass Coffee Cups

With the busy lives we lead, we need a little (or a lot) of coffee or tea whatever you prefer—but let’s make it cute. We’re home more than ever right now and miss our favorite cozy local coffee shop. To ease your sadness and make your coffee experience more enjoyable, buy yourself a cute glass coffee cup. 

Link to cup: shorturl.at/DSXY8

3.  Steel Straws  

Steel Straws + Mason Jar + Lemon = #matchmadeinheaven

Want to step up your Instagram feed while loving on the planet? Do yourself a favor and grab you a set of steel straws . . . thank me later. In addition to making your drink super cute, it’ll also keep it super cold! 

”If each person would use a stainless steel straw, he or she can reduce up to 600 plastic straws per year from being dumped in the landfill.” Link to steel straws: shorturl.at/hCJR9

4.  Produce Bags

Imagine this—you living your best life shopping for all the ingredients to make that yummy juice you saw your favorite blogger make and you have your own organic cotton produce bags to put all the veggies and fruits in. This could be your life if you invest in a set of organic produce bags of your own. 

“Purchasing a single set of reusable shopping bags and using them every time you go shopping could eliminate the disposal of as many as 20,000 disposable plastic bags.”

Link to bags: shorturl.at/bnNVZ

5.  Silicone Storage Bags 

If you’re anything like me, #aesthetic is very important to you! Well let’s ditch the zip-lock bags and get on the silicone storage bags train. These bags are great for just about anything you need to store, not to mention they make your refrigerator or pantry look so #aestheticallypleasing 

Link to silicone bags: shorturl.at/acMQ1

Ok, how are you feeling about making an eco-friendly switch? I hope this empowers you to edit your lifestyle and think about adding some of these cute stylish items to your life. Thank me later!

Which eco-friendly product are you adding to your #fab lifestyle?

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