01: How To (Actually) Love Your Body with Katie Valley

What if you actually loved your body? 

In a culture that pushes us to fit specific ideals to be considered “worthy” we wondered what it would be like to just accept ourselves for who we are – exactly as we are. 

We talk with Holistic Nutritionist and Licensed Body Positive Facilitator, Katie Valley, on how to:

*Embrace your body * Eat intuitively * Exercise mindfully *Navigate the overwhelming media messages of diet culture, perfection + unrealistic expectations*

If you struggle with accepting your beautiful self as you are, then this episode is for you!

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ABOUT Katie Valley

Katie is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Education. She has dedicated the past decade to helping others in various health-centered roles, including community outreach and as a Wellness Champion for a major US airline.

Katie is a Licensed Body Positive Facilitator and provides support in both group and one-on-one settings in order to dispel the myths of diet culture and reinforce a holistic, health-focused approach, instead of a weight focused approach.

She began Katie Valley Wellness in 2018 as a way to share her passion with others while providing motivation and support to those on their own health journey. She is also an instructor for Life Long Learning Classes at the local college, has partnered with Fieldstone Counseling and Wellness Center, as well as offers additional support to online programs for Naturopathic Doctor, Kimberley O’Brien.

Connect with Katie:

Instagram: @katievalleywellness 

Website: katievalleywellness.com


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