03: Finding Freedom with Dr. Barbara Morris

Want to change your life? Then, you must change your perspective.

That is the heartbeat of this phenomenal conversation with clinical psychologist and Spiritual Director, Dr. Barbara Morris. Specifically, we dive deep into “victim consciousness,” rather going from a view of life happening “to” us, and instead shifting to seeing the life as happening “for” + “through” us.

You’ll learn how pervasive the narrative of “victim consciousness” is throughout culture and how it takes true intentionality to think in this new way. But, once you do, you will embody more power + freedom than you may have ever thought possible.

If you are tired of feeling small, limited, and out of control of your feelings, then listen up! It’s time to take your power back.

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ABOUT Dr. Barbara Morris

Barbara Morris, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and Spiritual Director with a passion for guiding and supporting people in living the truth of who they really are.

She was the founder, wrote curriculum, and facilitated classes for Increasing Awareness Movement – I AM, a nonprofit that was committed to helping people increase their awareness and discover what is blocking them from living in Love. Currently partnering with LifeSpark as a coach and leader for their Wisdom Training School, she loves watching people open and grow. Look for her new journal coming soon!

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Now Available on Spotify + Apple Podcasts

Now Available on Spotify + Apple Podcasts





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