New Year Reset


Beginning a new year is a perfect opportunity to take inventory.

2020. Filled with being at home. Sometimes a blur. Sometimes uninspired. I’m pretty sure we’re all excited for the new year and what it can hold.

So let’s reset our spaces, our things and our mental space for 2021!

Beginning a new year is a perfect opportunity to take inventory of everything you own, activities you participate in and relationships you invest in. Let’s keep the things that truly bring joy, inspire and challenge us to grow.

Let’s look at 5 key areas for a new year reset!


We all have routines. The difference between being organized and self-disciplined or scattered and uninspired is whether you intentionally set them. What is your current morning routine? How much time do you spend on your phone mindlessly scrolling Instagram? How much is spent dragging from one task to the next, feeling tired and overwhelmed? What would you want your mornings to look like?

I personally have the hardest time getting up in the morning and I snooze more than 3 times. Maybe you can relate? I can go on for hours about amazing, inspirational and beautiful morning routines. But in reality, the best morning routines start at night.

When you set yourself up for success in the evening, you’ll have a calmer, more intentional morning. Pick out your clothes, lay out your makeup, pack your bag and make sure your lunch or snacks are ready to go for the next day. Once you don’t need to run around in the morning, you can spend this time relaxing and starting your day slowly and with intention.

Personal example: I layout my clothes, pack my bag and set out everything I need for my coffee in the evening so I’m ready to go in the morning and not dragging my feet from one task to the next.


I’m not telling you to declutter everything or start fresh with a minimalist wardrobe. But do evaluate what your daily routines look like, what do you end up gravitating toward and why. It’s okay to gravitate toward the same things; it just means that those pieces bring you comfort and joy. Those pieces should be part of your capsule wardrobe or your “uniform” of sorts. Pieces of clothes that you haven’t worn in a while and aren’t excited to wear in the future should be decluttered. This will make getting ready so much more efficient—the most used clothes will be most prominent in your closet and easy to find.

Personal example: My go to “uniform” is jeans, a fitted tee and a sweater/cardigan/zip-up. The less decisions I have to make in the morning when getting dressed, the more prepared and focused I feel.


When it comes to makeup organization, the simpler the better. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the makeup, have a place where you store your simplest, everyday makeup essentials. There’s nothing wrong with having extra things for special occasions, but it’s important to keep the essentials most accessible.

Personal example: I keep all of my most essential makeup on my vanity and have slimmed down my makeup routine to 10 minutes. Simplicity is key.


Beginning of the year is the time to start fresh on your schoolwork too! Is your planner cleaned out and organized? Are your binders and books all in the same place and cleaned up, with trash thrown away and the important papers organized in binders?

With virtual school, make sure your computer is organized too! Though it’s time consuming, it’s so important to organize your documents and files so you can find what you want when you want it.

Personal example: I take time every week to get my inbox to zero and my desktop on my computer organized. This reminds me to complete something I started, gives me more ideas for future projects and helps me reset mentally for the upcoming week.


This is the time to get your bags cleaned out and organized! Your backpack, your gym bag for extra-curricular activities, your purse, etc.—all need to be emptied out and organized. I suggest getting some small, cheap bags (you can even use Ziplock bags!) to micro-organize inside your bags. The categories should be appropriate for you, but categories such as makeup, feminine products, technology, hygiene and snacks are good to start with. If you’re not sure what you truly need to keep in your bags, think about everyday frustrations you tend to face. Is your phone always dying? Make sure every bag has a charger. Are your hands always dry during the winter? Put a little bottle of lotion in every bag.

Personal example: I’m always forgetting my mask; either at home or in my car. Now I keep a mask in every purse, work bag and jacket so I’m never left empty handed in an emergency.

Hopefully you’re inspired to begin this year with the right mindset and focus on intentionality. It’s not about what you have or how much you get rid of (though decluttering is very therapeutic!) but about the kind of life you want to live. This is the time to reset. Do it for yourself.

What will be your first intentional reset for 2021?

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