07: Giving BOYS space to BE with Dr. Drew Smith

We’re talking BOYS. Yes, boys. But, not in the ways you might think…

On today’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Drew Smith – a Phd in Depth Psychology – and learn the power in giving the guys in our lives the emotional freedom to be their most authentic selves. From learning a man’s journey to self-awakening, discovering how archetypes play a role in relationships, and breaking out of gendered stereotypes – this episode is one you won’t realize you need until you give it a listen. Hence, it is SO inspiring.


ABOUT Dr. Drew Smith

Drew H. Smith, Ph.D. is the Director of Online Learning at Walsh College in Troy, MI, where he oversees the design, development, and technical support for all of Walsh’s online and hybrid courses. He has a passion for moving higher education forward into a new pedagogical model focused on transformation rather than information. His occupational interests include academic integrity in the digital age, engaging emotional intelligence in online education, and optimizing assessments around real-world experiences. Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. in Depth Psychology which focuses on the unconscious and transpersonal aspects of the human experience. His research interests include men’s psychology, mindful masculinity, spirituality and Christian mysticism, and the current socio-political climate surrounding gender in academia and culture. He and his family live in Shelby Township, MI.


Connect with Dr. Drew Smith:

Instagram: @drewhsmith

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