How A Little Girl Dream Became A Career

I didn’t have a college degree, and everyone thought I was crazy.

Since I was little, I’ve had a dream to start my own business.

I am optimistic, spontaneous, constantly seeking new and exciting experiences. And I have such a passion for creating. Whether it’s setting the table for some friends coming over or trying a new recipe for dinner, I feel filled up and overjoyed when I’m given the chance to create something beautiful.

At 20 years old, I got married. I didn’t have a college degree, and everyone thought I was crazy. “You’re too young to get married” and “Don’t you want to have a career before you settle down?” When people asked what I wanted to do with my life, I always felt like I had to make up an answer to appease them. As a child I watched my dad build a successful business from the ground up and secretly had a dream to also start my own business—but I couldn’t tell anyone that without them asking more questions about a plan and what my business would be. Truthfully, at the time I didn’t have any answers for them. I just didn’t have that “thing” I was passionate about. But I knew I had a dream.

Then I started to plan my wedding. I loved everything about wedding planning—there were no rules, I was in charge and it could be whatever I wanted it to be. I wanted my ceremony to be in a circle so we could be surrounded by our community (and I was quite literally the center of attention, which I loved). The whole wedding planning process made one thing really clear to me—I found that I had an eye for beauty and design.

When people asked what I wanted to do with my life, I always felt like I had to make up an answer to appease them.

That was the moment I knew I wanted to create beautiful things for the people around me. My dream became a little more real. I now knew I wanted to create things, start my own business and make my dreams a reality—but I didn’t know how to make that happen. And I was afraid.

Fear kept me from moving forward. I was locked down by the fears of what other people would think about me. Fear that no one would like what I had to offer. I kept comparing my beginning to someone else’s years of experience.

Three close friends got married in the last year, and without hesitation I told them I could be their florist. I had some experience working with flowers, I knew what they were looking for, and I knew how to make it happen. They wanted something simple and timeless—and they trusted me to bring their vision to life. This got me thinking—I don’t need to be the best florist in the world to help my friends and I don’t need to be perfect to start a business.

So, after a push from a friend, I jumped in. I got an LLC, reached out to a flower wholesaler and  bought my first round of flowers.

Two weeks before Valentine’s day, I posted a picture on Instagram about my new business. I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I received. People loved my look and my flowers. I had over thirty orders on my first round of flowers, after thinking I would be lucky if I got thirty followers on my Instagram.

The final push to make my dreams reality was a moment of vulnerability and letting go of that fear of what other people would think.

I’ve found a way to express myself and use my love for creating in my everyday life. I’m helping others find a way to express themselves through the flowers I create. I’m creating beauty for brides to hold on the most special day of their life. This makes my heart soar—and all it took was letting go of that fear that was holding me down.

It feels so good to see something I’ve created bring others joy as well. I would never have been able to create these beautiful things if I would have listened to the doubts in my own head.

So, I can confidently encourage you to set aside those doubts. If you have a dream, pay close attention to your passions and the things you’re interested in. Be willing to be a bit vulnerable. Take a risk and don’t listen to fear.

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if fear didn’t get in our way?

What are your passions and how could they be part of your dream for your life?



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