Chill Out

Let’s chill out for a bit with some music therapy.

If you’re feeling “over it” these days, we get it! There’s a lot going on in the world. Chances are, there’s stuff happening in your personal world too—end of the school year, big tests, daily stress and still—even though it’s getting better—a pandemic.

That’s a lot.

So let’s chill out for a bit with some music therapy.

Have a favorite soundtrack? Put it on, turn it up and sing your way through a solid hour of joy.

Need to decompress? Relaxing jazz is pretty cool. Ambient music just makes life feel warmer.

Want to go old school? Pull out a record player and pop on some old records.

Play an instrument? Do it for fun for a quick hour. Play that piano, strum that guitar or go to town on whatever you play.

Music is a great emotional soother. It’s the perfect way to just set your mind at ease, so let’s make it work for us!

Our personal favorite right now is a great Spotify playlist that hits all the markers—great music, lots of it, and pretty chill. Check out the “Morning Coffee” playlist and feel the weight drop off your shoulders.

Seriously, it’ll help you be less over it for awhile. And that’s a pretty good therapy goal!

What’s your favorite music mood-booster?

Image via Skylar Sahakia



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