Refresh Your Wardrobe for Summer

You’re shifting from a period of stillness to a time of movement and growth.

With the transition of seasons comes the transition of fashion. Pants to shorts, boots to sandals, long sleeves to tank tops. Your closet has to prepare for the sunshine—and winter’s pieces aren’t gonna cut it.

Guiding your closet through the season change can be fun if you make it fun! You’re shifting from a period of stillness to a time of movement and growth. Summer makes space for radiance, breath and a time to bloom. Let’s get your wardrobe ready to reflect summer!

  1. Address the current situation. Take a peek at your current wardrobe. Note the colors, patterns and styles you most like to wear. Maybe you prefer neutral colors or pastels. Do you like skirts better than dresses? Sneakers better than platforms?

  2. Do a little dreaming. Update your Pinterest board to fit your current aesthetic. What do you wish you could wear every day? What color palette do you prefer? Maybe your dream wardrobe is closely tied to your current one.

  3. Sort it out. What items do you have that don’t fit your dream closet? Are there pieces you haven’t liked for a long time? Are there items you could crop or cut or upcycle to fit your dream wardrobe? Set the pieces that don’t get you excited in a pile and put the pieces you want to upcycle in another.

  4. Do some spring cleaning. Now that you’ve gone through the initial “get rid of” step, it’s time to look through again. There are bound to be shirts from years ago that just don’t fit anymore. What are some pieces you’ve never gotten around to wearing because you don’t like them enough? Set those aside in the “to a better home” pile.

  5. Prepare for the sun. Take out anything you couldn’t see yourself wearing for the summer. You can keep them in the back of your closet, or I like to store them away in a tub and keep it in the basement! Either way, separating the clothes into seasons makes it exciting to see them again when the time comes to transition the wardrobe to another season. It’s really fun to open that winter tub when the cold weather comes because you’ll realize what you missed wearing—and you’ll remember some fun pieces you forgot about! Added bonus: It makes you want to consume less because things feel new, and you’ll be more grateful for the items you have.

  6. Don’t forget accessories. Jewelry, accessories and bras & undies also need a refresh! Go through the same process with them.

  7. Add finishing touches. At the end of this refresh process, I like everything to look about the same size on my hangers, and I color code my shirts and pants to give it a cleaner feel. Feel free to do this however you like to best accommodate the space you have.

  8. Donate & Store. Donate your old clothes to a local thrift store or friend so they can be used again!

And a few extra tips: If you’re unsure if you like a piece or not or are worried about maybe wanting a piece again in the future, set it in the winter tub! You can always come back to it later.

Once you’re through the decluttering stages, you can go back to your Pinterest board and make note of the things you still need to make your dream wardrobe a reality. Go thrift shopping or research on the app “Good on You” for the best eco-friendly shopping options.

What piece are you most excited to wear this summer?

Image via Marina Williams Photography



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