Those Inner-Child Summer Days

And she wants to come out and play.

Do you remember

the summer

of your childhood?

When your soul connected

with the ease

of carefree living

and sunny days

and waking up

just to have fun?


was that glorious


from the daily

and the stressful

and the always-on-the-go

and the rarely going-with-the-flow.

Your inner child can feel it in her bones.

And she wants to come out and play.

So pause.

Take a breath.

And embrace

the little-girl-having-fun

who lives deep in


Ride a bike.

Blow some bubbles.

Gaze up at the clouds in the sky.

Have a picnic.

Laugh a lot.

Pick some flowers

and fly a kite high

where the wind

makes it soar

without care

and the breeze

takes it far far away.

Grab a popsicle . . . eat two or three.

Wipe the chalk

from sweet hands

drawing unicorns or rainbows

and dream

all those dreams

of the happiest days

that yet lie ahead

for your beautiful



Follow the joy . . .

that part of you

who knows

there is Goodness

in this world we call home.

The part that remembers how to have

pure. unfiltered. enjoyment-of-today.

There is Good in this world.

Yesterday. Today. Forever.

Open your eyes.

Tune your ears.

Spread your arms.

And embrace the


of that little-girl-joy

floating carefree

to the top

of your soul.

What was your favorite way to have fun as a little girl?

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