34: Storytelling For Soul Growth with Holly Michelle

“Stories are one of the most powerful healing tools that exist.”

We are forever lovers of stories. From books, to films, to everyday stories in conversation, we have both always loved the feeling of falling into a good story. 

So, we wanted to to learn more about stories on a soul-level. Hence, we knew we needed to have children’s book author, Holly Michelle, on the pod! 

Holly shares her 13-year long journey of writing her new book, “The Tales of Itzland”, and inspires us to remember the life-changing impact of stories.  

You’ll love this episode if:

→ You want to learn more about the power of storytelling as a healing tool

→ You’re curious about a career as an author and hearing someone’s journey first-hand 

→ You want to learn how to carve your own path 

→ You desire to live a soul-focused life, and want to learn more on how to

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