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The RUBY Community

a platform for young Gen-Z women to embrace the truth of who they are

We created The RUBY Community with the intention of bringing young purpose-driven Gen-Z women together to build connected, genuine relationships to support the journey of rising to the fullest expression of ourselves.


What’s Inside

Daily exclusive content to keep you inspired, like thoughtful conversations, empowering videos, + real-life tips

⟶ Access to RUBY Collections — 2-month long community journeys surrounding a meaningful topic — includes digital gatherings, mentorship, workbooks, and more! *Coming Soon*

⟶ Opportunity to build genuine connections with other purpose-driven Gen-Z women (AKA make more BFFS from across the globe)

Discounts on other RUBY events + products

⟶ A FREE Welcome Gift curated by the RUBY team

You can’t afford to not join us.


For the price a couple of your favorite lattes, you could discover what you’re made to do, make incredible friendships, overcome blocks holding you back from being your best, live inspired every single day, and find the courage you need to show up to life as your authentic self.

Even your latte won’t energize you as much as this.

Still have questions about joining The RUBY Community? Ask away!

See you in the community!