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  • Taylor Mae

    CEO + Co-Founder

    Taylor is a vision-driven entrepreneur committed to empowering women in all areas of life. RUBY is one of many ventures born from TMCO — a portfolio of brands + engagements focused on guiding people to live out their Aligned Brilliance™.

    FACTS: Ennea 7 | Dance Party Leader | Foodie


  • Sam Tandy

    Community Cultivator + Co-Founder

    Sam is a dreamer and a creator, who finds joy in inspiring others and discovering new things about herself. She is devoted to finding the beauty and wonder in the little things. Her heart longs to travel the world and she is constantly daydreaming about living in a little cottage in England.

    FACTS: Ennea 3 | Flower Addict | Picnic Devotee

  • Eden McCullough

    Operations Advisor + Co-Founder

    Eden’s strength and creative spirit drive her to help & to lead. Her name means “delight,” which has rooted her in a life of joy. She loves the brilliance of earth and dreams of one day cozying up with her prince charming in a British castle and watching her favorite musical.

    FACTS: Ennea 1 | Aspiring Yogi | Journaling Enthusiast

Laura McCullough — Editor-In-Chief

Kelly Thompson — Clinical Therapist + Content Consultant

Tricia Tandy — Aesthetic Coordinator

Kathlene Smith — Media Editor